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Analysis of Factors and Nursing Countermeasures of the Falling of the Psychotic Inpatients

Chen Li, Chen Xiao


Objective: To study and analyze the factors that cause the falling of the psychotic inpatients in order to control and avoid the falling risk of these patients therefore protecting them from the relevant danger to the greatest extent. Method: Collect the tumble cases of the psychotic inpatients of our hospital in this year and analyze the specific factors leading to the fall from perspectives of the patients by themselves and the hospital environment. Result: By comparing the falling cases, it is found out that 82.0% of the falls were caused by the factors of the patients themselves, which is a higher probability than the fall caused by the hospital environment, which is 18.0%. Among the factors of the patients themselves, illness factor plays a leading role by causing 34.0% of the falling cases; 59.0% of the fall occur at midnight and 54.0% of the fall occur in the toilets. Conclusion: In order to prevent psychotic inpatients from falling, we have to strengthen the monitoring of the illness condition of these patients. The nursing staff should learn and implement the importance of the nursing life for the psychotic patients, and relevant preventive and protective facilities should be built in the psychotic inpatients’ environment.


Mental disease; Inpatient; Falling; Preventive nursing

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