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The Importance of Cultivating the Concept in the Teaching of Geriatrics

Xue Yan Tang


To explore the application value of the concept in the teaching of old age medicine. The elderly medical students in our hospital were divided into control group and observation group. The rats in the control group received routine culture. The observation group was trained on the basis of conventional culture, and the effect of the two groups was compared. The scores of the students in the observation group were 87.95 ± 4.46 points higher than that of the control group (79.23 ± 4.39), and the positive rate was 94.12% higher than that of the control group (73.53%). The difference was significant (P <0.05). (18.9 ± 2.1), medical record writing ability (17.9 ± 1.8), the ability to discover problems (16.9 ± 2.3), the use of knowledge ability (15.9 ± 1.8), medical practice skills (18.2 ± 2.1), significantly higher than the control group, P <0.05, the difference was statistically significant. The concept of training in the elderly medical teaching can improve the enthusiasm of students to improve the students' theory, operational level and professional quality, worthy of promotion.


concept of cultivation; geriatric medicine; application value

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