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Contrast Participation Model and the Traditional Model Rooming-in Care of Neonatal Care

Hadley Almond Kurban, Qingyan Wang


Contrast of the participation model and the traditional model of care in rooming effect of neonatal care. Methods: 114 cases of early maternal care group to tradition who admitted in our hospital from January 2014 to June 2014 were treated using the traditional way of nursing care. 120 cases of early maternal located to participating group who admitted in our hospital from July 2014 to  December 2014 were treated using the participatory model of care. Traditional nursing care group were treated with the traditional way of newborn care, completed by nurses alone. The participating group and their families were adopted early maternal and neonatal nurses who have completed nursing. Results: Maternal traditional care group was included reasonable scientific feeding newborns, changing diapers for the newborn, the newborn’s umbilical cord care and scientific numerical example of bathing newborns were less than the participating group. Number of maternal adaptation in the traditional care group is an example of the role of mother to the participating group. The number of cases of the traditional care group was more suitable to group together to participate and satisfaction score was less than that of the participating group. Conclusion: The both rooming model participation of neonatal care, its human and scientific characteristics can effectively improve maternal care for newborns and their families to improve maternal postpartum depression and mood, which will become the future postpartum. The main mode of care is worth in clinical GF to take forward.


Participation mode; Traditional model; Rooming-in care

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