Journal of Nursing

Analysis and Countermeasures for the Causes of Adverse Events in Psychiatric Nursing

Haining Wang, Jianping Zhang


To analyze the causes of adverse events in psychiatric department and put forward the preventive measures. Method:The nursing adverse events occurred in the psychiatric hospital from 2014-2016 were investigated and analyzed. Results: The frequency of psychiatric nursing adverse events ranging in the top three being 21 cases of patients fallen from bed, 15 cases of patients hurting others and 11 cases of patients wandering away. These adverse events result in different degree of damages caused to the patients ranging from mild to moderate injury. The main causes of the adverse events could be due to the lack of responsibility and professional knowledge of the nursing staff or the nursing staff did not abide by the rules and regulations of the department. Conclusion: The most effective way to prevent the occurrence of nursing adverse events is to enhance the safety management of wards and the technical training of nursing staff.


psychiatric department; nursing adverse events

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