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Analysis of Risk Factors of Neurosurgical Nursing and Its Countermeasures

Caixia Zhang, Jianfang Sun


This article is to explore risk factors of neurosurgical nursing and its countermeasures. A total of 95 neurosurgical patients admitted in our hospital from January 2016 to February 2017 were enrolled in this study. All clinical data of 94 neurosurgical patients were retrospectively analyzed, including the records of treatment, the records of medication and changes in vital signs. The risk factors in the nursing process were summarize and effective interventions were explored. Through the retrospective analysis of 94 cases of neurosurgical patients, it is concluded that there are some problems in daily nursing work such as lack of humanistic care, privilege curing over nursing, uneven allocation of medical resources and substandard environmental facilities. The risk factors caused mainly from 4 aspects: the department management, nursing staff, the environment and patients. Effective countermeasures need to be taken from the above 4 aspects: to improve the department system, perfect the reward and punishment mechanism; to strengthen nurse-patient communications, implement humanistic care; to improve the hospital environment, perfect the infrastructure; to assess safety risk factors, take predictive nursing measures, improve the quality of neurosurgery care from the whole.


countermeasures of risk factors of neurosurgical nursing

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