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Qualitative Study on Postoperative Self - identity in Patients with Temporary Ileostomy

Lili Fan


The purpose is to understand the postoperative self-identity of patients with temporary ileostomy and to provide a clinical basis for the development of psychological interventions by stoma therapists. Method:Selecting 10 patients intentionally who underwent temporary ileostomy for 1 month and testing via one-on-one in-depth interviews and analyze data with Claizzi analysis program. Results:One month after surgery, patients' self-identity can be summarized into three topics:(1) inferiority complex and disgust mood; (2) adaptation and coping; (3) social value experience change.  conclusion:Temporary ileostomy Patients’ psychological experience within 1 month after the surgery is complicated. In this study, the purpose is to dig out the true experience of such patients in the heart by analyzing 10 cases of patients with temporary ileum after 1 month in-depth interviews, so that we can aware of these patients in self-identity on the existence of the three main problems. Remind the stoma therapists pay attention to the After surgery early social psychological adaptation; strengthen information delivery and emotional support; helping rebuild self-identity, for the realization of self-care return to normal social life is of great significance and provide a reference for clinical pathological nursing patients after ostomy.


Temporary colostomy; postoperative; self-concept; qualitative study

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