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Study on Bacterial Contamination of ICU Spare Ventilator Panel and Inlet Port

Yuanbin Fu


Objective To carry out microbial detection on ICU standby ventilator, to clarify the bacterial contamination of ventilator panel and inlet port, and to provide basis for standardizing the disinfection management of ventilator terminal. Methods Microbiological examination was carried out on 28 spare ventilator inlet ports and ventilator operation panels in 9 ICU using ventilators, and the implementation of routine treatment measures for spare ventilator panel and inlet ports was confirmed through on-site observation and interviews. Results The unqualified rate of microorganism culture for the spare ventilator panel was 70. 37%, and the unqualified rate of microorganism culture at the air inlet port was 10. 71%;  10 sets (35. 71%) spare ventilators use dust masks, 18 (64. 29%) Ventilator inlet port is protected by ventilator test tube or rubber plug. The qualified rate of microorganism culture of ventilator panel treated with dust mask was significantly higher than that of untreated group (p < 0. 01) Conclusion Bacterial contamination of spare ventilator panel cannot be ignored. Dust mask can reduce pathogenic microorganism contamination on the surface of ventilator panel. Regular cleaning and disinfection should be carried out on the spare ventilator panel and the air inlet port, dust prevention should be covered in time, and bacterial filters should be installed to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination of the spare ventilator.

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