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Nursing of Repair of Partial Laryngeal Defect of Frontal Side by Suspension of Composite Hyoid Flap

Yongqin Lin, Xiujie Chen, Xianling Zeng, Min Li, Li Liu


Objective to investigate the perioperative nursing of repairing partial laryngeal defect at frontal side by suspension of composite hyoid flap. Methods the perioperative nursing measures of 12 cases of partial laryngeal defect repaired by suspension of composite hyoid flap were retrospectively analyzed. Results 12 patients had good wound healing and retained good pronunciation, swallowing and respiration. Conclusion proper nursing measures are helpful to the healing of incision and the recovery of laryngeal pronunciation, swallowing and respiratory function after the operation of partial laryngeal defect repaired by suspension of composite hyoid flap.


Hyoid Flap Suspension Repair; Laryngeal Defect; Nursing

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