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A Case of Hepatic Periangiomyomyoma

Xue Han, Qing Shen, Liqiang Huang, Xiaojing Ma, Jie Kuang, Gaofeng Shi


Pericellular neoplasms (perivascular neoplasms) are a new category recently introduced in soft tissue pathology to describe diseases with muscle-like differentiation, fusiform or more rounded cells that tend to grow around blood vessels. Most pericyclic cell tumors are benign, but recurrence and very rare malignant invasion have been reported. We report a 55-year-old woman with two subcapsular masses of the parietal liver, which were diagnosed as pericytoma, with special reference to its biological potential and differential diagnosis. For imaging scholars, it is important to consider this diagnosis and to better manage patient care.


Hepatic Vascular; Yopericytoma; Imaging Diagnosis

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