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Application of Evidence-based Nursing in Nursing Quality Management of the Urology Surgical Department

Junna Ma


Objective: To explore the application effect of evidence-based nursing in nursing quality management of the Urology Surgical Department, and to provide reference basis for clinical nursing. Method: 80 cases of urology surgical patients from April 2013 to April 2014 treated at our hospital were selected in this study. They were divided into observation group and control group (40 cases in each group) according to the nursing method. The control group was given conventional nursing, while the observation group was given evidence-based nursing. Compliance and satisfaction were compared between two groups of patients. Results: After nursing, comparative differences of compliance and satisfaction in patients with two groups are significant (p < 0.05). The observation group is better than the control group. Conclusion: The application effect of evidence-based nursing in the urology surgical department’s for nursing quality management is remarkable. It improves the patient’s satisfaction and treatment adherence, is worthy of extending in clinical.


Evidence-based nursing; Urology surgical; Nursing quality

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