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PD Combined with Autologous SIT and Resection of Hepatic Nodules—Nursing Care of a Case Who Had a History of Colon Cancer

Yan Li, Lifang Bian


A patient with duodenal and liver metastases was admitted to FAHZU in December, 2019, and was received pancreaticoduodenectomy (PD), autologous small intestine transplantation (SIT), and resection of hepatic nodules. It is notable that he had a history of colon cancer. This article summarizes experience of nursing care, including sufficient preoperative evaluation, professional nursing and psychological support, preventive nursing of postoperative complications, observation of blood supply of transplanted small intestine, nursing of pain, nursing of anticoagulation to prevent thrombosis. The patient recovered well and was discharged smoothly and seamlessly.


Colon Cancer; Duodenal Tumor; Autologous Small Intestine Transplantation; Nursing Care

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