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Analysis of the Effect of Enriched Psychological Nursing Intervention for Patients Who Undergo Family Planning Operations

Xingxiu Li


Objective: To explore the effect of enriched psychological nursing intervention in family planning operations, to provide a reference for the nursing work. Method: The 90 patients who were treated in our hospital from January 2014 to October 2014 were randomly divided into two groups. The control group received routine nursing care and the experimental group received enriched psychological nursing intervention. The anxiety, pain and complications of the two groups were compared, and the results were statistically analyzed. Result: The patients in the experimental group were treated with psychological nursing intervention. After the surgery, the state of nervous anxiety was significantly lower, the postoperative pain was mild and the complications were less. When compared with the control group, there were significant differences (p < 0.05). Conclusion: The enriched psychological nursing of patients in family planning operations can help to improve the quality of nursing and appease the mood of the patients with a positive clinical significance.


Family planning operation; Psychological nursing; Clinical effect; Artificial abortion

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