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Research Progress on Causes of Hemorrhoids in Pregnant Women and Diet Nursing

Dongqin Peng, Ling Chang, Nana Ren, Mingxia Li, Ping Yang, Juan Du, Huan Wang


The incidence of hemorrhoids in pregnant women is relatively high, which generally occurs in the second trimester of pregnancy. The development of the fetus at this stage causes certain damage to the pelvic cavity, intestine, inferior vena cava, portal vein, etc., affects the venous return, and causes anal swelling and pain, bloody stool and other problems. Once women get sick in pregnancy, the treatment is more difficult, which has a greater impact on the safety of pregnant women and fetus. Studies have shown that diet has a certain impact on the occurrence of the disease, so based on the analysis of the causes of hemorrhoids in pregnant women, we should formulate a scientific diet intervention plan to improve the comprehensive intervention quality of the disease.


Pregnant Women; Hemorrhoids; Causes of Occurrence; Diet Care

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