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Design of a Visual Needle Searching Device in Operating Room

Nana Ren, Dongqin Peng, Mingxia Li, Chang Ling, Duan Lin, Yuan Gao


Objective: a visual needle searching device in operating room is designed to quickly find surgical suture needles. Method: on the basis of referring to the current needle searching method in the operating room, the magnetic strength adjustment, data recording and export, and harmless treatment of the adsorbed suture needle are added. What is more, the functions of adjusting the total length of the telescopic connecting rod as required, rotating the telescopic connecting rod at any angle, alarm prompt after finding the sewing needle and LED lighting. Result: a visual needle searching device in operating room was designed, which could solve the problems that the magnetic strength of the permanent magnet of the existing needle finder was difficult to control, the electromagnet could not directly judge whether the electric energy of the battery met the use requirements, and could not record the use times, frequency and needle searching time. Conclusion: the visual needle searching device designed in this paper can provide a more time-saving, labor-saving, easier, more convenient and safer needle searching device for suture needle searching in the operating room, and can meet the requirements of fast work rhythm and high efficiency in the operating room.


Operating Room, Suture Needle, Device, Visualization

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