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The Experience of Nursing Intervention for Cesarean Section Pregnancy

Jianhua Huang


Objective: To explore the effects of nursing care on the patients subjected to cesarean and during perioperative of uterine incision. Method: A total of 98 cases of early pregnancy after cesarean in our hospital, from December 2013 to December 2014, were analyzed retrospectively. Nursing care was provided throughout the perioperative period of patients, who subjected to uterine arterial chemotherapy, perfusion and embolization. Result: Early recoveries of patients were promoted through psychological care before and after the operation, diet adjustment, nursing care and health guidance. Conclusion: Nursing care is important for patients with early pregnancy, in term of interventional therapy as it enhances treatment effect and reduces complications. Based on the result, the success rate of operation is improved and the risk is reduced. Thus, it is worth for clinical application.


Interventional therapy; Cesarean section pregnancy; Nursing experience

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