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Effect Assessment of Health Education on Nursing Staff for Medical Patients

Sufang Sun


Objective: To analyze the effect of health education on nursing for medical patients for clinical reference. Method: 180 cases of patients were adopted by our medical department during the time period from March 2013 to February 2014. They were divided into control group and observation group with 90 cases in each group. All the patients received conventional drug treatment and nursing intervention, and the observation group was given health education on this substructure. The distinctions between these patients’ emotional state and compliance were observed. Results: The two groups were compared by SAS scores and observation group was significantly lower than control group. The difference was statistically paramount (p < 0.05). As for the comparison of compliance between the groups, observation group was conspicuously better than the control group. The difference was statistically consequential (p < 0.05). Conclusion: Health education for medical patients can significantly amend the patients’ emotional state and their compliance behaviors, which is of positive clinical consequentiality in rehabilitation of medicine patients.


Health education; Medical Department; Effect assessment

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