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Application of Health Education in Nursing Care of Diabetes Patients

Xiaojuan Zhang


Objective: To study and analyze the effect of health education in diabetes care. To evaluate the application of health education in diabetes care to provide a reliable reference for future clinical nursing work. Methods: From April 2010 to March 2014, 124 cases of diabetic patients treated in our hospital were divided into two groups. The control group of 62 patients was without diabetes health education and another group of 62 patients was provided with diabetes health education. Both the groups of patients were compared and analyzed with blood glucose control, diabetes related skills and knowledge. Results: Upon the implementation of diabetes health education, it was found that the diabetes patients’ of blood glucose control, diabetes related skills and knowledge levels were improved significantly. Two groups of patients undergo treatment for one week, where 62 patients in treatment group and 58 patients in the control group. The fasting blood glucose level of the two groups returned to normal, with 59.7%, difference between the groups. The comparison of two groups of patients through treatment effect had statistical significance (p < 0.05). Conclusion: The effective health education in diabetes care can effectively control the patient's symptoms, improve the patients’ quality of life and it is worth to be extensively applied in clinical medicine.


Health education; Diabetes care; Nursing application; Blood glucose control

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