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From the Perspective of Bone Tumor: Research on Orthopaedic Surgery Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology and Preventive Medicine Network Model and Analysis of Mathematical Modeling Strategy

Yi Qin, Liangyu Li, Yixian Lin, Guangyuan Li


The post-operative treatment strategy of ERAS is to carefully adopt different types of catheter application strategies, reduce and deal with the removal of used implant consumables as soon as possible, in order to reduce the occurrence of postoperative complications, deal with stress psychological disorders, and eliminate potential negative emotions in psychology. The research team conducted clinical research in Chifeng University Medical College and relevant affiliated hospitals of Capital Medical University. Based on the research results, an intelligent medical model was proposed, and the deep learning strategy was proposed to verify the mathematical rationality of ERAS. Based on the mathematical model and clinical medical data, the research team conducted research on ERAS concept in orthopedic surgery of elderly patients, and reported and analyzed it.


Thoracic Surgery; ERAS Concept; Intelligent Medicine; Mathematical Modeling; Radical Osteotomy; Clinical Medicine; Data Science

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