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Current State of the Nurse's First Aid Ability in the Non-Acute and Critical Care Unit of a 3A Grade Hospital

Yan Jiang, Cuirong Xu, Xue Cai, Shan Jiang, Xiaofang Hui


Objective: To understand the emergency ability of clinical non-acute and critical care nurses facing various emergencies and to provide targeted strategies. Methods: A total of 713 non-acute and critical care nurses from a 3A grade hospital were selected in July 2021. A questionnaire developed by Zhao et al. was administered using the clinical emergency care evaluation for non-emergency department nurses. Data were evaluated by descriptive statistics, analysis of variance, and multiple linear regression analysis. Results: The total score of the clinical emergency ability of non-acute and critical care nurses was 127.43±11.91 points, of which the score of emergency management ability was the highest (56.54±6.27). The theoretical knowledge reserve reached the lowest score (12.72±1.53). One-way analysis of variance showed that non-acute and critical care nurses with different ages, capability levels, nursing ages, educational backgrounds, working abilities, and whether they had the first aid ability operation and theory training were found to have significant differences in the total score and the scores of each dimension of clinical first aid ability (P<0.05). Multiple linear regression analysis revealed that nursing age, capability level, and whether they had trained in the first aid ability operation were the primary influencing factors of the clinical emergency ability of non-acute and critical care nurses. Conclusion: Non-acute and critical care nurses need to improve their knowledge reserves and response skills for treating emergencies. It is necessary for non-acute and critical care nurses to improve their theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and comprehensive capacity in clinical emergency treatment.


Non-Emergency Department; Nurse; Clinical Emergency Ability

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