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Household Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal in Beijing: Knowledge, Practice & Attitude

Hanyu Fang, Yiyun Huang, Jiayin Cheng, Zhaoheng Yang, Shupin Xie


Attention has been paid for decades to unused and expired medications amid the environmental risk of improper disposal. The situation in emerging populous countries like China, with mounting drug consumption but largely unregulated household waste disposal, should be closely examined. This paper looked at residents’ knowledge, practice and attitude regarding household pharmaceutical waste disposal in Beijing through a questionnaire survey. Findings indicated that the majority in this capital were conscious of the environmental risk, active with following disposal-regulating policies or campaigns, but failed in practice to dispose of drug waste scientifically. As the public prioritized convenience, admitted limited awareness and emphasized governmental responsibility, efforts should be concentrated to make recycling infrastructures more accessible, publicity more effective, and policy making more proactive.


Pharmaceutical Waste; Drug Disposal; Recycling

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