Journal of Nursing

Nursing Experience of One-Piece Ostomy Bag Closure Combined with Negative Pressure Drainage in Pharyngeal Fistula Drainage

Jing Wu, Chao Li, Zhiwen Xiao


Objective To summarize the effect of one-piece ostomy bag closure combined with negative pressure drainage technology in the drainage of pharyngeal fistula patients, reflect on the shortcomings of nursing, in order to accumulate experience for future clinical work. Nursing points: Early assessment and monitoring of pharyngeal fistula, the application of ostomy bag combined with closed negative pressure drainage technology for the selection of ostomy bag, maintenance of effective continuous negative pressure drainage is particularly important in nursing, at the same time, during the nursing process to observe the skin infection at the incision, incision healing time, dressing change times and comfort level of patients, reflect on the shortcomings in nursing. It is expected to achieve the expected therapeutic effect and shorten the length of hospitalization after active treatment and careful nursing.


Ostomy Bag; Negative Pressure Closed Drainage; Pharyngeal Fistula; Nursing

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