Journal of Nursing

Analysis and Countermeasures on 195 Cases of Adverse Events in Nursing Care

Qiuying Wan


Objective: To develop preventive measures, improve the quality of nursing, and ensure the safety of patients by analyzing the causes and characteristics of adverse events in nursing care. Methods: Retrospectively analyzing 195 cases of adverse events in nursing care which occurred in the hospital between January 2014 and December 2014 to study the classifications, causes and duration of adverse events in nursing care and their association with the nurses’ different work experiences and titles. Results: The Top 3 of the adverse events in nursing care are respectively: 52 cases of wrong pills, which account for 26.7%; 30 cases of missing treatment, checking and nursing, which account for 15.4%; 23 cases of hospital pressure ulcer, which account for 11.8%. The main causes was due to the enforcement of the system is not done strictly, safety management is not in place and clinical teaching is not rigorous. Day shifts mark the peak of adverse events in nursing care, and the nurses’ working experiences and titles are related to the occurrence of the adverse events in nursing care. Conclusion: All the core systems and rules should be enforced rigorously in clinical nursing, strengthen the monitoring of the key group, enforce the adverse events reporting system, and improve professional training of the young nurses to reduce the occurrence of adverse events in nursing care. Nursing managers should analyze the factors to develop preventive measures, strengthen nursing safety management, and enhance the quality as well as the level of nursing service in the process of quality management and improvement.


Adverse nursing events; Cause analysis; Countermeasures

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