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Effect of Psychological Care Combined with Prozac on Patients with Post-Stroke Depression

Jinmei Li


Objective: To observe the effects of psychological care combined with Prozac on patients with post-stroke depression. Methods: 60 patients with post-stroke depression were divided randomly into two groups: experimental group and control group. The treatment group was treated with psychological care combined with Prozac and the control group was treated with Prozac itself. The Hamailton Depression Rating Scale (HAMD) and Ability of Daily Life (ADL) before treatment and six weeks later were determined. After treatment, the depression symptom of two groups were improved obviously (p < 0.01) and ADL was raised (p < 0.01). Compared with Prozac itself, psychological care combined with Prozac was much more effective (p < 0.05). Conclusions: The psychological care combined with Prozac has better effect on patients with post-stroke depression.


Post-Stroke depression; Psychological treatment; Prozac

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