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Visualisatio and Analysis of a Study on Community-Based Home Care for the Elderly Living Alone in China

Chenge Li, Fengying Wang, Xiaohong Wang, Jincai Wei


Objective To comprehensively and systematically sort out the research status, hotspots and development trends of the research on community-based home care for the elderly living alone in China, with a view to providing reference for the development of research in this field in China. Methods Using the three major Chinese databases, China Knowledge (CNKI), Wanfang, and Wipu, as data sources, we retrieved the academic literature in the field of community-based home care for elderly people living alone in China included during the period of 2018-2022, and applied CiteSpace software to draw visual maps and analyse them. Results A total of 329 valid documents were included, and the field has shown an overall steady upward trend in the number of publications over the past five years. The hotter keywords in this research area are elderly living alone, social work, social support. Conclusion The research in the field of community home care for the elderly living alone in China has been deepening, with social work, empty-nested elderly, spiritual comfort, and urban and rural home care services as the main research directions.


Older People Living Alone; Community Aged Care; Hot Topics; Development Trends; CiteSpace

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