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Research Progress of Continuous Nursing for Postoperative Patients with Breast Cancer

Rou Tao


Objective To reduce the economic burden of patients, improve the survival quality of patients after surgery and improve their physical and mental condition while saving medical resources through continuous nursing. Methods By reading the literature, what is continuous
nursing, what are the ways of continuous nursing after breast cancer surgery, the content of continuous nursing and the development of continuous nursing were reviewed. Results Telephone follow-up after discharge, family visit and continuous nursing based on “Internet+” can
improve the quality of life of postoperative patients and promote their physical and mental health. Conclusion Nursing plays a positive role
in the rehabilitation of patients with breast cancer after surgery. We should teach patients how to observe the wound and do a good job in the
prevention of lymphedema. At the same time, we should do a good job in diet guidance and psychological nursing to promote the development of continuous nursing, so that more postoperative patients can enjoy high-quality health care.


Postoperative Breast Cancer; Omaha System; Continuity of Care; Research Progress

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