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The Analysis of the Preventive Nursing of Infection after Orthopedic Operation

Min Ai


Objective: To explore the preventive nursing methods of infection after orthopedic operation and provide some basis for clinical nursing. Method: 1000 patients who have received orthopedic operations are selected randomly from our hospital from September 2009 to September 2014, then we make follow-up and survey, analyze the factors influencing infection and implement corresponding nursing measures. Result: Among the 1000 patients, 26 patients have incision infection of sterile operation and the infected positions are on spinal cord, upper limbs and lower limbs. Surveys find that after orthopedic operation, infection patients are mostly infected 3-4 weeks after being hospitalized with the earliest infection occurring after one week after being hospitalized. We can find that the longer patients are hospitalized for, the higher the occurrence of infection is. Conclusion: In the preventive nursing of infection after orthopedic operation, sterile operation and preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative nursing should be remembered. And the most important one is to adopt sterilization and isolation system after orthopedic operation to lower the occurrence of infection to the lowest.


Orthopedic operation; Infection; Preventive nursing

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