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The Effect of Prospective Nursing to Lower Deep Vein Thrombosis after the Internal Fixation of Femoral Intertrochanteric Fracture

Yapei Sui


Objective: The effect of prospective nursing to lower deep vein thrombosis afer the internal fixation of femoral intertrochanteric fracture was studied. Method: 80 patients, who treated with the internal fixation of femoral intertrochanteric fracture in the orthopedics department of our hospital between January 2012 and June 2013 were selected, the patients were randomly allocated to control group and test group, 40 cases per group, the control group were treated by conventional nursing measures, while the test group used the prospective nursing measures. Compared the living quality and the lower deep vein thrombosis of two groups. Results: For the living quality, the scores of all items in prospective nursing group were better than conventional nursing group. The number of lower deep vein thrombosis in the prospective nursing group was 2 cases and the conventional nursing group was 8 cases, with statistical difference. Conclusion: The prospective nursing could reduce the incidence of lower deep vein thrombosis after the internal fixation of femoral intertrochanteric fracture, improved the living quality of such patients after surgery, worth clinical promotion.


Internal fixation; Intertrochanteric fracture; Vein thrombosis

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