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The Study on Perioperative Nursing for the Patients with Inguinal Hernia

Guihua Huang, Haining Zheng, Yuting Ao


Objective: This paper is to explore the nursing experience of the perioperative period of inguinal hernia. Method: Make a retrospective analysis of the clinical data of 100 cases of patients who received laparoscopic inguinal hernio therapy in our hospital from June 2014 to February 2015, offer Western and Chinese nursing and appropriate medicine treatment. Results: The operations of the 100 cases of patients are successful, with no transfer open surgery. After the operation, 5 cases of patients have postoperative complications, 2 report slight pain and discomfort in the inguinal region 6 hours after the operation and 3 suffer unilateral scrotum seroma. All are cured after proper treatment. During the postoperative follow-up of 1~18 months, no recurrence cases are found out. Conclusion: Laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair is characterized by slight injury, fewer complications and lower recurrence rate, and careful perioperative nursing can improve the success rate and cure rate of the surgery, reduce the occurrence of complications and is worthy of promotion.


Inguinal hernia; Perioperative; Nursing

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