Journal of Nursing

Assessment of Balance Disorders in Patients after Ankle Fractures

Cuixiao Wang, Shao Chen, Meina Qiao, Yueqing Xu, Jinkui Zhao


Purpose: The objective of the study is to evaluate the balance disorders in patients with surgical treatment of ankle fractures with the use of Sunlight Tetrax. Methods:The subjects in the study were 20 patients with ankle fractures treated surgically(after six months of the procedure)and the control group comprised 21 healthy subjects. Two groups compare the general stability index (ST), the high frequency of Fourier transformation (F5-F6),the body weight distribution index (WDI) ,synchronicity of foot under natural standing on solid surface with eyes opened and natural standing on solid surface with eyes closed and the fall index (FI). Results: The fall index (FI) and the stability index (ST) under natural standing on solid surface with eyes opened of two groups were statistically significant differences. The balance of patients with ankle fracture after 6 months with surgical procedure is significantly poorer than healthy subjects. 


Ankle fractures; Balance; Rehabilitation

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