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Study of PBL teaching method in practical teaching of surgical nursing

Fuan Wang


PBL(problem-based learning) is a teaching method that students are treated as main parts and have discussions as groups. Objective: to apply PBL to pratical teaching of surgical nursing course and explore the effect of this teaching method on developing the ability of active learning, thinking, comprehensive analysis and make conclusions, which will help students find, analyze and resolve questions. Method: we selected 264 students in 1-4 class enrolled in 2014 as subjects. these students were divided into education reform class and control class and 8 teams in each class as randomly. Education reform class and control class adopted different teaching methods and then evaluated overall effect on students. Result: compared to control class, students in education reform class have greater ability to gain theoretical knowledge and take practices; moreover, students in education reform class are satisfied with PBL teaching method. They have more interests in specialized courses and overcome the difficulty of learning medicine. Conclusion: first, PBL teaching method promotes the ability to get knowledge, analyze and solve problems, activating the students. The ability will provide solid foundation for furture clinical nursing job. Secondly, PBL teaching method promotes teamwork and collaboration between students, which is indispensable for increased teaching level. Thirdly, our results will faciliate application of this teaching method to other courses. Finally, the experiment advances the abilities of teachers via preparation, instruction and participation and provide another reform direction for future teaching method of medical college.


PBL teaching method; surgical nursing; practical teaching; analytic ability

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