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Analysis on Influence of Cognitive Function, Movement Function and Life Quality on Re-covery of Patients with Cerebral Apoplexy by Therapy Rehabilitation System

Jiajian Xu, Juan Zhong


Objective: To explore the effect of system rehabilitation on cognitive function, motor function and quality of life in patients with stroke. Methods: A total of 112 patients with stroke were enrolled in this study from June 2014 to June 2016. The patients were divided into control group and study group according to the time of admission. The patients in each group were treated with routine rehabilitation training. The patients in the study group were trained on the basis of routine rehabilitation training. The cognitive function, motor function and quality of life were compared between two groups. Results: The scores of cognitive function, motor function score and quality of life were significantly higher in the study group than those in the control group (P<0.05). Conclusion: Compared with the conventional nursing model, the systematic rehabilitation training model can better enhance the cognitive function and motor function of the patients, and can improve the quality of life of patients.


System rehabilitation; Stroke; Cognitive function; Motor function; Quality of life

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