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Study on Nursing Safety Management Effect in Patients with Cancer

Ying Tu


Objective: To analyze the effect of nursing safety management in patients with cancer. Method: Patients were selected from the Department of Oncology in 2015 for routine management, and the results were compared with the implementation of the 1 month 1 theme to enhance the safety of 2016 patients. Results: Between January and November 2016, compared with the same period last year, the number of inpatients increased by 17.10% over the same period last year and the incidence of 11 adverse events such as fall and fall out of pipe was decreased. Conclusion: Nursing safety management in the Department of Oncology can prevent the occurrence of nursing risk events, the occurrence of complaints, improve the patient 's nursing satisfaction, enhance the quality of care, and protect the rights and interests of patients and maintain the hospital and social benefits.


Oncology; Nursing; Safety management

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