Journal of Nursing

Nursing Care of Patients with Severe Pemphigus

Minyi Li, Biyu Xu, Chunhong Li


Pemphigus is a stubborn and an autoimmune dermatology disease which causes skin erosion, with the characteristics of relapse chances, leading to a long-time suffers of patients. Currently, pemphigus is mainly treated by blood transfusion, and correction of water and electrolyte balance, etc. In treating process, non-expected conditions may occur, such as complications and uncontrollable illness. It would be difficult to achieve satisfactory curative effect only by such treatment. Therefore, it is critical to monitor and nurse patient’s clinical conditions. In view of this, this article explores the nursing methods of patients with severe pemphigus, hoping to improve the treatment effect through clinical observation and nursing intervention.


Sever Pemphigus; Clinical Monitoring; Clinical Nursing

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