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Progress on the Modern Nursing of Pneumonia Pathogenic Bacteria of Ventilator-associated Pneumonia

Yanping Li


The mortality of newborns due to pulmonary infection remains high, which raises a problem for modern nursing management. With the emerging and gradual maturity of the newborn major, the wide application of ventilator for newborns in the intensive care unit (ICU) becomes the important factor in the successful salvage of high-risk newborns. This has presented a problem, however, due to misoperation and other factors. This paper starts from the angles of diagnosis criteria and morbidity of Ventilator-associated Pneumonia (VAP) to analyse the pathogenic bacteria of VAP and the progress, to provide some thoughts for the development trend of modern nursing of VAP.  


Newborn; Pneumonia; Ventilator association; Pathogenic bacteria; Modern nursing

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