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Analysis on Reasons for Post-Operative DVT of Patients with Lower Limb Fracture in Mining Area and Early Nursing Intervention

Yunjian Liu


Objective: To explore the effectiveness of the early nursing intervention in preventing postoperative deep vein thrombosis (DVT) of patients with lower limb fractures in the mining area. Methods: One hundred (100) patients with lower limb fracture in our hospital were evenly and randomly divided into two groups, namely the observation group and the control group respectively. The early nursing intervention was applied on patients in the observation group, and conventional orthopedic postoperative nursing was applied on patients in the control group. Results: Among 100 patients selected, 15 patients were elderly, accounting for 15%, 26 patients suffered from the obesity, accounting 26%, there were 25 patients with hypertension, accounting for 25%, 16 patients suffered from diabetes, accounting for 16%, 8 patients suffered from anemia, accounting for 8%, 38 patients had hobbies on the alcohol and tobacco, accounting for 38%, 9 patients had lower limb varicose veins, accounting for 9%, and 35 patients suffered from lower extremity edema, accounting for 35%. The incidence of DVT of patients in the observation group was obviously lower than that of patients in the control group, and the difference was of statistical significance. Conclusions: Early nursing intervention can effectively reduce the incidence of postoperative DVT of patients with lower limb fractures, and it contributes to early recovery of patients.


Post-operative; Lower limb fracture; DVT; Early nursing intervention

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