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Nursing Experience during Perioperative Period of Cervical Spinal Cord Injury

Caili Li, Hao Xu


Objective: To discuss the nursing experience during the perioperative period of cervical spinal cord injury. Method: Retrospectively analyze the clinical data of cervical spinal cord injury cases treated by our department from January to December of 2012 and apply the preoperative nursing and postoperative nursing for them. Results: The overall incidence of severe complications is 73.3% during the perioperative period, including hyponatremia of 46.7%, respiratory failure of 6.7%, urinary system infection of 40%, pulmonary infection of 26.7%, and stress ulcer of 26.7%. There is 1 case died of the disease before operation but no postoperative death, and the death rate during perioperative period is 6.7%. Conclusion: The rehabilitation nursing for patients with cervical spinal cord injury during perioperative period can reduce the complication and improve life quality, so it is worth being popularized.


Cervical spinal cord injury; Perioperative nursing; Spinal cord injury

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