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Nursing Experience of 850 Cases on Centralized Cataract Surgery in CDPF Eyesight Recovery Project

Yueqing Miao


Objective: To explore and summarize the nursing experience of concentrated cataract surgery in CDPF eyesight recovery project. Method: Retrospective analysis of the nursing experience in 850 cases of CDPF cataract patients admitted to the hospital for surgery from June 2008 to July 2014. Results: Through planned, organized education of related knowledge, all patients showed stable emotion and good attitude. They could greatly cooperate in the surgery and master postoperative self-care methods. With fewer complications, their visual acuity was improved to a certain degree. They all reached the standards of blindness exclusion. Conclusion: Organized arrangements, centralized health education, perfect preoperative examination, rational sequencing, careful check and meticulous care were the successful basis of centralized cataract surgery in CDPF eyesight recovery project, which guaranteed a smooth surgery without errors or accidents.


Cataract surgery; CDPF; Eyesight recovery

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