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Diagnosis and Treatment Experience of 68 Cases on Pediatric Acute Intussusception

Yongxing Huang


Objective: To provide reference for the accurate clinical diagnosis and successful treatment by analyzing the clinical experience of pediatric acute intussusception. Methods: Retrospective analysis of 68 cases of pediatric acute intussusception in the hospital between January 2007 and December 2014. Results: For the 68 cases of pediatric acute intussusception, first diagnosis as acute intussusception in 49 cases (72.1%), first diagnosis as enteritis or bacillary dysentery in 16 cases (23.5%), 3 cases of unknown diagnosis (4.4%). All patients in 68 cases were treated for air enema reduction, of which 35 cases were successful (success rate is 51.5%), 33 cases were successful in operative reduction (success rate is 48.5%). Conclusion: Clinicians should improve the understanding of pediatric acute intussusception, diagnose as early as possible, take timely air enema or surgical reduction; the probability of success of air enema reduction and surgical reduction were both high; improve the life environment and hygiene situations, the enhancement of life quality to an extent can reduce the occurrence of pediatric acute intussusception.


Pediatric intussusception; Air enema; Operative reduction; Diagnosis experience

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