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On the impact of nursing intervention on maternal psychollgical status of traditional Chinese medicine effect observation

Tongxia Fang


To explore the effect of nursing intervention in Chinese medicine on relieving and preventing the negativeemotions of pregnant women.Methods 118 cases were randomly divided into the control group and the intervention group with 59 casesin each group. The control group received routine nursing care, intervention group on the basis of the control group take system of TCM nursing intervention measures, such as the layout of the environment; payment of the related knowledge about the Chinese traditionalmedicine of atlas; play music, mental nursing, hanging sachets, acupuncture point massage. Comparison and evaluation of thepsychological state of the 2 groups of pregnant women in the implementation of Chinese medicine nursing intervention measures.ResultsTwo groups of anxiety, depression, a number of cases, the percentage of the intervention group was significantly better than the controlgroup, the difference was statistically significant (P<0.01). Conclusion Nursing mode of TCM nursing intervention for pregnant women,To relieve or eliminate the negative emotions such as fear and anxiety of pregnant women, And it has very important practical significanceto prevent the occurrence of postpartum depression.


TCM nursing; Pregnant women; Intervention

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